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2022 // VEC x NAF (National Archives Foundation)

* New Client Alert *

National Archive Foundation in Washington, D.C. partners with VEC ® for event photography services! We are honored to be able to capture memorable moments that will be archived in history forever. View NAF x VEC ® photographs at our website  HERE.

2022 Art All Night, The Block Party at MLK Library 

(Washington, D.C.)

 We enjoy photographing beautiful people at our photo-booth! We partners with 7 Pointe Inc. to make this happen at MLK Library for Art All Night. 7 Pointe hired VEC ® for event photography services! This was our first photo-booth and we are excited it was a success. We provide a preview to see your on the iPad, Body Painting option and of course our business. To view the photo gallery please CLICK ON THIS LINK HERE. Give us feedback! We love to hear from you! 

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