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VEC Experience
VEC Photography
VEC Experience
VEC Photography


Who We Are

VEC, LLC is a trademark multimedia creative parent company that services businesses who needs creative direction and speciality in photography, branding, lettering and traditional graphic design, design for motion and print media and lastly videography, post-production and custom VEC Experience packages focusing on government agencies, multinational corporations, small businesses, and the music entertainment industries.

VEC ® owns subsidiary brands under the company that manages and demonstrates creative direction in the services we offer. 

VEC ® stays up-to-date on the latest technology, design and production techniques and utilizes that expertise to help clients maintain the strong visual presence demanded in today’s digital age.  

Owner, CEO and Creative Director, Victoria E. Colbert, believes in the strategic use of technology, bold design and artistic direction to grant her clients the competitive advantage they need to thrive today’s fast paced environment.

The Owner/CEO/Creative Director of VEC ® is Victoria E. Colbert. 

VEC ® is pronounced as one word. 

Enjoy our temporary website for now until our full advertise official website will launch later in 2022.


What We Do

Photography  •  Videography  •  Creative Direction  •  Post-Production for Photo & Video  •  Photo Editing Services  •   Video Editing Services 

Creative Direction

Advertising Promotion

Branding Design

Graphic Design

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Let our team of award-winning photographers, videographers, graphic designers, motion designers and retouchers create branded content that is approachable, beautiful and memorable. Our network of talented creatives and Creative Director, CEO and owner of VEC spans the region. Whatever is required for your project, we will ensure that you have access to the top talent to get it done.

The company has years of experience and proficient in Adobe Creative Suite / CC (Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Indesign, Premiere, Illustrator, Acrobat) programs and more. Uses Nikon, Sony, BlackMagic, Red Pro, and Canon equipment to Final Cut Pro & more for video editing purposes and advertising.

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VEC Experience

VEC ® has a full package service called 'VEC Experience' that pertains photography, graphic design, branding/promotional services along with videography, post-production and more, all in one custom package.

This full package can be for a business that need this service for events, branding services, products, social media purposes or a new project launch. Ask us and we will deliver. 

If you have an upcoming project or need to rebrand your business, we will love to collaborate with you! 

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.


VEC Brands

VEC ® owns subsidiary brands under the company that manages and demonstrates creative direction in the services we offer.

Tigerlily Baby ®

Tigerlily Baby is VEC's first trademark music artist brand under our multimedia business. With a unique sound, Tigerlily Baby is a stream of conscious artist that portrays ambient, eclectic and serene music that fits within the Alternative, R&B, Electro Soul fused with Pop, Trip-Hop and Electronica House. Tigerlily Baby is a multi-facet artist that not only does music but is a content creator; connects with brands that aligns with her values and raise awareness on mental health, beauty, body positivity and more that she influences.

Click Here to view Tigerlily Baby's EPK Page & Website


Tragic Flow

Tragic Flow is start-up lifestyle apparel, investment, sync agency music publishing company that pursues the advancement of the creative process and several pathways connected to art communities and providing the resources to independent music artists. Our goal is to create a horizontal streamline connection between related industries so that no creative process is stagnated. This purpose is to give back to art communities and creatives businesses to help grow their projects plans and more. 

In the meantime, we are in the process of working on our business to showcase a trial run on our missions to serve the community. For updates, check back time to time on VEC's website and social media accounts. For inquires, please go to our STAY IN TOUCH tab.




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