Victoria E. Colbert (VEC) is a visual storyteller when it comes to capturing memorable experiences and inspiration into her work. She loves taking event, portrait, creative promotional, candid and fine art photography including combining her photography with graphic design works. VEC captures the most special moments of people's lives and the beauty of nature frame by frame with beautiful intentions, composition and lighting techniques. Her style and overall goal is to use her craft to show creativity in a different light. VEC right now is working as a freelance photographer, photo editor, graphic designer, singer & songwriter and more. She is enthusiastic, reliable, has a good time behind any artistic endeavor she embarks on. She is an open-minded critical thinker that generates innovative ideas to motivate others. These images and designs are a preview of her recent works. Click on photography collection to see more.

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“A person himself believes that all the other portraits are good likenesses except the one of himself.”

—Edvard Munch

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