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Tragic Flow is a place where creativity never ceases.

Tragic Flow Inc. is a parent company that oversees businesses in the creative and entertainment industries. The CEO/Creative Director of the company are William Thomas and Victoria E. Colbert. The businesses that Tragic Flow oversees as of right now are: Stargazers, & Tragic Flow Entertainment.

Tragic Flow pursues the advancement of the creative process and several pathways connected to the arts. Our goal is to create a horizontal streamline connection between related industries so that no creative process is stagnated.

More content from Tragic Flow Inc., Tragic Flow Entertainment and Stargazers will be coming towards the end of 2018. The members of the company in the meantime are pursuing career goals, strategizing and planning a trial run to collect data and marketing analytics on who, what and where are engaging with the business. This strategy will help the business data on social media implementations and audience tracking.

In the meantime, please visit VEC to view photography, graphic design, music and more: - This is to experience and learn more about the quality of work Tragic Flow Inc. represents. Check for updates on VEC's website and social media on Tragic Flow's trial run.

For inquires, please connect with us:
Twitter:  @tragic_flow                                                                                                                            Email:
Thank you for your consideration.

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William Thomas

CEO • Creative Director

Victoria Colbert

CEO • Creative Director

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