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“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

— Jonathan Swift



Victoria E. Colbert of VEC, which is the initials of her birth name, is the Founder and Creative Director of VEC, LLC.  VEC artistic abilities are but not limited to: photographer, singer & songwriter (stage name: TiGerLiLy also credited as TiGerLiLy BaBy), graphic designer, photo & video editor, brand ambassador, IBD/IBS activist and more based in Washington, DC.

VEC loves all types of photography but her main niche are events, portraits, editorial, fine art photography, candid photography, and graphic art photography.

Victoria E. Colbert has worked hard and continuously to improve her portfolio these past years and beyond. She appreciates bold color, contrast, creating a sequence/theme in photography, simple details and unique composition in her photography work. Her niche when it comes to graphic design is typography, lettering design, publication design and incorporating photography with her graphic art designs.

VEC achievements and motivation drives her to become more successful and developing additional skills in photography, graphic design, music and all the arts she is capable of. Her main focus is to be become a young entrepreneur by branding 'VEC' into different subsidiaries like VEC Photography, VEC Experience and more.

Her professional goals consist of showing her work in print, electronic media, such as periodicals and websites, commercial media, galleries, landing big gigs, touring, and working with big brands and companies. With VEC, anything is possible, the sky is the limit.

Overall, her dream is to accomplish music, graphic design and photography by bringing them together. Using her craft to give back and showing her creativity in a different light.

When VEC is not taking photos, you'll find her spending time with my friends and family, spending time relaxing, perfecting my artistry, exploring around the city, networking, traveling and connecting with people on social media.

Want to learn more about VEC's music?  Click Here to read her music bio and listen to her music:


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My work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it's portraiture, lifestyle imagery, or just the perfect light.

Always experimenting with new techniques, I'm equally comfortable with analog and digital technologies, and use both according to the needs of the project.

I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite / CC (Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Indesign, Premiere, Illustrator, Acrobat) 

I have worked with Imagine Photography for 9+ years with clients like EventsDC, The Congressional Black Caucus, Muriel Bowser's Campaign & Inauguration, Inaugural Ball of the 43rd and 44th President of the United States, ISOM, CityDC, Douglas Development, Clark Construction, Truth Initiative and more. Now I am a freelancer photographer, photo editor and assistant when Imagine Photography needs my services.  

As for VEC, the VEC brand have worked with clients herself such as Laurie Elyse for NY Couture Fashion Week, MSNBC, Catholic University, Northwestern Mutual, Black Enterprise, Facebook, Montgomery College, music artists and more.

I studied and went to Montgomery College, Rockville Campus and got my degree AAS degree in Graphic Design. I create, album covers, logos, lettering designs, calligraphy, posters/flyers and publication designs as well.

To view my older photography  and design works visit vecphotography.com

New works, please view this website:


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Have an upcoming project? I'd love to collaborate with you!

Please contact me for any inquiries on photography such as (photo-shoots, photo editing inquires). For music such as (singing for an performance, being feature on a song, songwriting and more) And graphic design inquires, I would love to design any cover art, flyers, publication design or logos if needed. Ask me and I will deliver.

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

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